Carnosine was discovered (and its structure set) at the beginning of 20th century by Russian scientist W. S. Gulevich.

It was the first and most simple example of biologically active peptides (in the case of carnosine dipeptides), which opened up a long list of widespread natural protein metabolism regulators. The first decades were devoted to the study of its properties, distribution and structure.  It has been found that carnosine has a direct relationship to the function of sensitive tissues such as brain and muscle. In 1953, the Russian scientist S.E. Severin proved, that carnosine effectively buffers lactic acid produced by working muscles and a supplement of carnosine increases muscle contractility and its resistance to fatigue. Muscles accumulate lactic acid whilst working, the pH decreases, and that is the reason for muscle fatigue. When supplementing carnosine, the muscle regenerates instantly. This fast muscle regeneration process caused by carnosine, in known as

"Severin´s phenomenon".

Sportsmen and women know exactly what it means to be physically exhausted and they will certainly understand how important carnosine supplements are in sports. Recently, scientific interest in this outstanding, non-toxic substance has significantly grown - especially after the great Australian and British discoveries regarding its effect on the aging process. Surprisingly, Dr. Michael Chez´s team in 2002 reported a dramatic improvement in autistic children after carnosine supplementing.
Nowadays there are more than 900 studies on carnosine published in the MEDLINE database.


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