Diabetes and its complications

Diabetics excrete an increased amount of glucose and other substances (proteins, amino acids, magnesium) by urine and are permanently deprived of these necessary substances.

In diabetes, an intensified glycation is present with an increasing deficiency of carnosine, which is one of the causes why walls of the diabetic arteries are prone to thicken and thus the development of arteriosclerosis - its incidence is three times higher in diabetics compared to non-diabetics.  Carnosine is a substance that controls the level of glucose via H3 receptors of the vegetative nervous system.

Animal tests have shown that pregnant rats with carnosine deficiency have a significantly higher risk of having diabetic offspring. This is explained by the effect of carnosine which improved the glucose tolerance of the fetus. Therefore carnosine can be beneficial for diabetic mothers because it reduces the risk of diabetes in their children.

Carnosine is suitable for all types of diabetes because it reduces the risk of diabetic complication development - heart diseases, stroke, arteriosclerosis, kidney failure and eye complications.


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