Carnosine not only suppresses the formation of AGEs - one of the major processes leading to cataracts, but also protects normal proteins against the already developed toxic effect of AGEs. The effects of carnosine were published relatively recently (2000) by King‘s College, University of London (C. Brownson, A. R. Hipkis et al).

The experiment: a glycated ovalbumin was created (an egg white protein degraded by methylglyoxal glycation).

The degraded ovalbumin was mixed with α-crystalline, the eye lens protein, caused cross-linking of α-crystalline and thus its opacity. Carnosine not only prevented this degradation, but also restored its structure and transparency. Further studies proved positive effects of carnosine in developed glaucoma and prevention against glaucoma.

This outcome is also very important in Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, where glaucoma has an increased prevalence.

An effect of carnosine eye drops in delaying eye and sight aging was securely proven, almost a 100% efficiency in primary senile cataracts and 80% in developed senile cataracts. These drops transfer to the aqueous and lipid layer of the eye, where carnosine acts preventively and responsively to light induced DNA damage. In some countries, carnosine eye drops are already regularly used for the treatment of many eye diseases.


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