Additional health benefits of carnosine

Historically, dating to 1936, carnosine was dosed to treat and prevent stomach ulcers. The contemporary studies demonstrated that carnosine significantly suppresses ulceration in stomach and duodenum. Millions of people all over the world suffer from ulcer disease and dyspepsia, causing high morbidity and large diagnostic and treatment expenses. One of the primary reasons is Helicobacter pylori infection (about 75%). In addition, infected patients very likely transmit the infection to the others. The second main reason is taking non-steroide anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), including aspirin. NSAID suppress the benficial activity of cyclooxygenase (COX), which keeps the integrity of mucous membranes in upper parts of digestive system and supports the blood supply to the stomach. Despite introducing new non-steroide anti-rheumatic drugs (COX-2 inhibitors), these drugs still remained a danger in spite of lower ulceration.

Additional carnosine benefits:

  • Immune system support and inflammatory processes suppression
  • Significant wound healing support and protection against radiation including post-irradiation syndrome
  • Cancer prevention

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